Water Polo Cuppers: Last year’s victors on the tournament so far

By Dan Lafferty

After a year of training, cuppers has finally arrived. Every player from Queens’ and Darwin has waited the entire year for this opportunity. Expectations are high after our win last year and no one has any intention of letting our trophy slip form our fingers.

The first weekend did not disappoint as Queerwin breezed through every match leaving the opposition scared, scarred and questioning how one side can be so dominant?

Stash – it’s entirely due to our bomb ass stash. C’mon even the uni water polo teams don’t have robes.

We have a few other advantages too: Queerwin is blessed with many strong uni players but the backbone of the team is a large, committed squad which trains twice a week. Whilst most cuppers teams consist of a couple of strong players and a triathlete with a free weekend, every Queerwin player can be relied upon.

Our games are not epic spectacles so much as a ruthlessly clinical operation. Strong opposition players are neutralised, few attacks make it anywhere near our goal, and every mistake by the other side is exploited – a steal, a pass, a goal. The scores, 6-1, 7-1, 6-2, speak for themselves.

With nothing but desolation left on our side of the competition, we look forward to the prospect of fresh meat this weekend. The weak should fear the strong.