Channel Varsity Results

The Channel Varsity Race  is swum by a team of six , three men and three women, from each university. They swim in one hour stints until they have crossed the channel, from England to France. Due to variation in coastline of France and sea currents, any difference in time under two minutes is counted as a draw

YearWinnerCambridge TimeOxford time
2016Oxford9hrs 28 mins8hrs 56 mins
2014Draw9hrs9hrs 2mins
2012OxfordDNF8hrs 45mins
2010Cambridge8hrs 51mins9hrs 3mins
2008Oxford10hrs 20 mins10 hrs
2006Cambridge10hrs 22mins10 hrs 48mins
2004Cambridge8hrs 49 mins9hrs 13mins
2002Oxford9 hrs 19 mins9 hrs 07 mins
2000Oxford8hrs 25 mins8 hrs 18 mins
1998Draw9hrs 24 mins9hrs 24