Travel Policy

Planning a Trip

Cambridge University Swimming and Water Polo Club (CUSWPC) shall provide a designated Committee member, who will not be travelling, with access to a spreadsheet including:

  • A full itinerary
  • Full travel details
  • A list of all students travelling, next of kin information and medical information
  • A copy of all information given out to students taking part
  • Details of any group travel insurance policy
  • A risk assessment for all of the trips activities
  • Any other health and safety information relevant to the particular activity

These items shall be provided to the University Sports Service to ensure CUSWPC fulfils its obligations for coverage under the University Public Liability insurance.

General Advice for Best Practice

Drivers must: -

  • Ensure they are fit to drive and that their vehicle is in a safe condition before every journey
  • Ensure they are well rested before driving and should take a break when tired
  • Ensure the vehicle is secure when left unattended
  • Ensure the vehicle meets the relevant safety standards prior to any journey, e.g. tyre tread, windscreens, MOT certificate, etc.
  • All journeys should be properly planned
  • Drive appropriately for the road conditions
  • Ensure they follow the relevant regulations and laws of the roads they are travelling on

A second driver, appropriately insured, should be available where appropriate, e.g. on long journeys or when injuries are possible.

Passengers must:

  • Wear seatbelts
  • Not consume an excessive amount of alcohol or use any illicit drugs prior to or during the journey
  • Not travel in a vehicle they believe is unsafe or be driven by an unsuitable driver
  • Be transported in a vehicle suitable for their needs. Wheelchair users should be afforded the same level of safety as other passengers.
  • All luggage and equipment should be securely stowed, and the driver should be trained in the use of roof racks and trailers, if used

When hiring vehicles or minibuses, students should ensure that:

  • They hire from a reputable company
  • That their vehicles are roadworthy before they sign them out
  • They meet all rules and regulations established by the hirer such as age restriction, driving license, insurance, etc.

CUSWPC shall follow all safety guidance provided by the hirer.

When using private cars, drivers should also ensure:

  • The vehicle is taxed, has a valid MOT, and is roadworthy
  • They are adequately insured to drive and transport others to matches in that vehicle
  • A risk assessment has been conducted and reviewed for Club transport.