The water polo team comprises of a men’s squad and a women’s squad who normally train separately.

Water polo is a discretionary Full Blue sport at Cambridge – ‘Blues’ and ‘Half Blues’ are one of the University’s recognitions of sporting achievement. For men’s water polo squad there are normally thirteen Half Blues awarded each year; these equate to the Varsity Match squad. The ladies’ water polo squad typically receive seven Half Blues: these are usually awarded to the Varsity Match starting line-up. To be eligible for a Blue or Half Blue a player must have played against Oxford in the Varsity Match, however, the award of a Half Blue is also subject to the Captain’s discretion. Full Blues (the University’s highest recognition of sporting achievement) may be awarded subject to the approval of the Blues Committee in the case of particularly noteworthy players who may for instance have gone on to compete at national level.

In 1888 Club ‘colours'; consisting of green, yellow and light blue; were first awarded for swimming and water polo achievement and from 1893 ‘half blues’ were awarded for water polo.