The Harold Beale Club

The Harold Beale Club, a club for past members of CUSWPC, was founded to create a link between current and former athletes. Due to the generosity of its members, over £4000 has been raised by our alumni this year alone! This has prevented a rise in subscription fees for all current CUSWPC members, something we all really appreciate. To become a member of the HBC,  you can set up an annual Direct Debit of £20+ per year to the Harold Beale Fund, or make a substantial one-off donation to become a lifetime member.

The Harold Beale Club is a club for ex-members of the Cambridge University Swimming and Water Polo Club (CUSWPC). It hosts a dinner in London each October, as well as participating in a number of events run by CUSWPC as well as the infamous Tadpoles.  To become a supporting member and/or a co-opted committee member of the HBC, please fill out the form below.