A warm welcome to all alumni of CUSWPC: Blues Swimmers, Marlins, Open Water Swimmers and Water Polo players. Whether your Cambridge days were filled with early mornings at Abbey Leisure Centre, competing in BUCS, thrashing O*ford in Varsity fixture or enjoying Tadpoles events CUSWPC will always be a part of who you are.

Your connection with the club is just as important when you have become an Alumni as when you are still competing for CUSWPC and we would love to make sure that you stay in touch with the club after you have graduated.  All members of CUSWPC are invited to our annual dinner and Varsity fixtures but we need your contact details to be able to keep you informed of all of our fantastic events. Please fill out the form below to ensure that you remain an integral part of the club forever. You are also able to follow CUSWPC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Once a Tadpole, always a Tadpole!

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