Swimming Training Camp 2022


On the 3rd of January, 18 of CUSWPC’s finest swimmers embarked on the Lanzarote Training Camp 2022 for a 7 day and 13 session week of pure grind and torture. Unfortunately, due to COVID reasons, female captain Ellie O’Keeffe, Social Secretary Sophie O’Keeffe, and resident OAP Alex Goodacre had to miss out on the camp.


Upon arriving at the Airport, we found out the week had already started to test us with a flight delay. But with our Vice-Captain, Maxim De Wildt’s incredible bartering skills, and the fact it was Jet2’s company policy, we were compensated with a £10 duty-free voucher and a free drink on the plane. From here on in though, it was plain sailing. We arrived at the hotel, checked in and got to the pool in plenty of time for our TJ’s (Team Juniors), Megan Kemp and Yann Divet, to find out that they would be leading the land warmups for the week, much to their excitement. This is also when the team found out that the male captain, Alfie Collins, would be their coach for the week due to injury, again much to their excitement.


Over the week the team completed 55km of swimming and smashed 3 massive gym sessions. This year, we had a double focus. Not only were we aiming to substantially improve fitness approaching Varsity, we had the additional aim of maintaining technique through the hardest parts of the sets. This tested the mental and physical strength of the whole team, with every single one of the proving why they are part of the top university squad. The gym sessions proved to be a big hit as well, with freshers and veterans alike improving a vast amount over the week. Seeing the older, more experienced swimmers help and teach the less gym savvy swimmers was fantastic to witness and really developed the team bond. Charlotte Rowlands showed the girls how gym isn’t just for getting mega massive but is such an important aspect of the sport for everyone.


Alongside the tough training schedule, we enjoyed many games night, a great day out at the beach and multiple team challenges with O*ford, who happened to be there at the same time as us.


Finally, on the last day of camp, we held a little camp awards night to celebrate the achievements over the week. Big congratulations to Yann Divet for receiving Male Swimmer of the camp, to Megan Kemp for receiving Female Swimmer of the camp, and to Leo Karski for receiving Swimmer’s Swimmer.

Both captains are incredibly proud of all the athletes on the camp, in their training, the way they conducted themselves over the week and in the amazing team spirit that was shown, be that at 6:30 in the morning before 30*100s best average or when helping each other improve technique.


We would like to thank Chris and City of Cambridge Swim Club for providing us with the sessions and thank Sports Abroad for the amazing support they gave us in organising a camp with all the difficulties there are currently.

Onto Varsity! #GDBO