Men's WP

MATCH REPORT: Men’s 1st Team Triumph Over Oxford

By Alex Norcliff

I was feeling a tad nervous before the match, especially after hearing about last years nail-biting varsity defeat, so to calm myself down I drank a strongbow. Of course we did have an hour long drive to get to our home match, so I was being completely safe and sensible.

But there was no need to be nervous, from the first whistle to the last whistle, only one university (if you can call O*ford a university) demonstrated how to play real water polo. Hard pressing and strong countering gave Cambridge an early lead which was maintained for a final score of 13-8.

The best moment of the game was when co-captain Rob showed a moment of brilliance, though realistically for him those aren’t very rare. Sat on the wing, he turned his player and then scored with his left hand. The worst moment wasn’t even during the match, but it deserves a mention nonetheless.  Youssef, formerly so keen, went full snake mode and thought it would he okay to abandon us before the match (probably to chirpse some ‘lovely’ lass). Turns out we didn’t need him this time round though!

Man of the match goes to the brick wall that is Brian, keeping the ball out of the Cambridge net all day long. Goal scorers were Ben (3), Rob (3), Joe (1), Alex (2), Patrick(2), Arthur (1), Mok (1). Very encouraging to see so many players on the scoresheet. Varsity this year is certainly looking more promising than last, let the glory days of the light blues reign! Needless to say I will be having a strongbow before every match!

Men's WP2
Final Score: 13-8