CUSWPC Elections 2016

This past year the CUSWPC committee did an excellent job, improving relations with the city swim team, organizing an incredible Tadpoles Dinner, Varsity Dinner, and endless other behind the scene tasks which have improved the standing of the club and made it a successful and enjoyable year. They have given so much of their time and energy to this club; it’s only fair we let them get on with doing other things in their lives. On behalf of the entire club, we’re giving them a huge heart-felt thank you, and wish them the best next year.

This farewell means that a whole new crop of committee members have been elected: ready to serve the greater CUSWPC needs, prepare a wonderful Varsity 2017, and make the year smooth running and enjoyable for all incoming, incumbent, and graduated tadpoles.

President: Erik Sullivan
Vice President: Claudia Feng
Secretary: James Gandendra
Treasurer: Henry Choong

Tadpoles’ President: Lydia Woodward
Open Water Captain: Matthew Chadwick

Sponsorship: Dan Brackenbury
Publicity: Lucy Morgan and Ruairi Hurson
Kit: Rhys Goodall
Website: Mario Cekic

Along with the rest of the committee, we have also had team captaincy, secretary, and social secretary elections for the upcoming year. These roles are essential for the daily organization, motivation, and functioning of the individual teams. This year the women’s water polo team has elected:

Captain: Laura Schubert
Secretary: Ella Irwin
Social Secretary: Ailsa Kiely, Laura Robinson

Last year, the men’s water polo captain doubled as their secretary and social secretary. After developing a strong team, all the positions have been filled for the upcoming year.

Men’s Co-Captains: Robert Gourley, Joseph Wu
Men’s Secretary: James Ganendra
Men’s Social Secretary: Péter Juhász

The Swimming Club has also elected captains and secretaries, who will help motivate the team and select the 2017 varsity athletes.

Men’s Captain: Dom Holloway
Women’s Captain: Amy Felgate
Secretary: Callum Ferguson and George Nikolakoudis

A strong committee, some determined captains, organized secretaries, and fun-loving social secretaries. Varsity 2017 promises to be a great time to be a tadpole.

Cambridge Henley Swim Mob Match!

If any Cambridge University affiliated (current students, alumni and staff) want to do some open water swimming, there is the Cambridge Henley Swim Mob Match on the 26 June.

THE HENLEY CLASSIC is a 2.1 km endurance upstream River Thames swimming event, held over the Henley Royal Regatta course, very early on the Sunday morning before the Wednesday start of Henley Royal Regatta.

The Mass Participation Mob match is an event run during the Henley Classic, with Cambridge Swimmers going up against those from Oxford.

Anyone who is Cambridge University affiliated (current students, alumni and staff) can participate in the Cambridge Mob match team.

To register for the Mob match:
1) Enter preferred category – ie: open, masters, traditional
2) Enter personal info3) Click Varsity mob-match and select the university from the drop down
– DO NOT join a team. You are now on the mob-match team
– DO NOT select performance wave
4) Contact Dan Brackenbury ( to confirm your registration
A 10% discount is available for student participants in the mob match – message Dan Brackenbury ( for the discount code.

There is also a separate Alumni Match during the Henley Classic, where a team of 8 Cambridge Alumni compete against a team from Oxford. If you would like to swim in this contact Laura Schubert ( who will put you in contact with the Alumni team captain.

For more information on the Henley swim event:

Or check out the Facebook event: Cambridge Henley Swim Mob Match


Swimming Cuppers 2016

Swimming Cuppers 2k16

Last Saturday, the 7th of May, teams of a record number of 17 colleges gathered at Abbey Leisure Complex to compete against each other in the 25m pool. Teams arrived in great spirit – despite the 2-3 mile cycle from town. They were greeted by officials wearing shiny party hats and after a few announcements warm-up was on the way. It was great to see swimmers of all abilities come together during this friendly competition. Since half and full blues swimmers are not allowed to compete in individual races, these were an ideal place for some to experience their first ever swimming race! The ones I personally talked to all loved it but where absolutely destroyed afterwards. That’s exactly the way you should be feeling after a good race! The relays featured a significant number of blues swimmers – a very inspiring sight for some of the less experienced competitors.

Overall, the atmosphere at the pool was fantastic with lots of teams cheering on their mates and even some turning up just to support their friends and partners! As it drew to 8 pm, the tension rose and everyone was keen to hear the rankings. Positions were announced from 5th upwards. St John’s, a favourite due to its large number of members of the university team, took the 1st prizes home. These consisted of drinking bottles filled with roses and a lovely certificate. I wonder if anyone will frame it at home. The winning mens’ team received shower gels and the ladies’ team nail polish. No gender stereotypes there.

Swimming cuppers 2k16 was a really positive, friendly and cheerful event that saw lots of great performances from both professional and amateur swimmers from 17 colleges. We hope that next year will see even more colleges participate. For some, this was their first time racing and who knows, maybe one or two were inspired to take up the fantastic sport that is swimming?

Over and out

Cora – outgoing swimming secretary

Ps. The final ranking for those who want the details:





















































Swimming Trials!

Trials for this year’s swimming team are on Friday 9 October at 7pm at Parkside Pools (next to Kelsey Kerridge; CB1 1LY). Come get to know the team and  swim 100m freestyle, and 100m of a stroke of your choice. For any more info, please contact captains Erik (es619) and KP (ksp30), or see us at the CUSU Freshers’ Fair on October 6-7.


Water Polo

The trials for the men’s and women’s water polo teams for the 2015/16 season will be taking place on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th of October. Any prospective players with questions should send them to Ben Walker (men’s captain) or Frances Turrell (women’s captain); see the Committee page for contact details. Hope to see you there!


Cambridge University Swimming and Water Polo Club would like to invite you to our annual Varsity Match against the Other Place on Saturday 28th February 2015. Head down to Parskside Pools, Cambridge (next to Parker’s Piece) to watch your favourite home teams battle for victory against the dark blues!

Swimming Gala 12-2:30pm
Alumni Water Polo Match 3pm
Men’s 2nds Water Polo 4pm
Women’s Water Polo 5pm
Men’s 1st Water Polo 6:20pm

We look forward to seeing you there!