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A Night of Celebrations at the 2020 Varsity Dinner

Varsity Dinner merged with the annual Taddies Dinner (usually held in Easter Term) this year, and was held on the 7th March. This change enabled alumni of all ages to come back and celebrate a wonderful season with the current cohort, and what a stroke of luck that move was! The dinner was held in the beautiful dining hall of Hughes Hall College, after a drinks reception where our talented aquatic athletes had the chance to mingle and sample much more pleasant fluids than the usual pool-water (a bit of bubbly), wearing significant finer (and more) apparel than we were used to seeing each other in. Members of all sections of the club, from Marlins, water polo and Blues swimming, were all treated to a delicious three-course dinner, including guinea fowl and a mouth-watering chocolate terrine, punctuated by (potentially a tad lengthy) speeches and topped off with a coffee-reception. The evening was an uproarious success, with the vino flowing, Tadpoles past and present celebrating the successes (and losses), but mainly the journeys undergone together and the friendships and experiences made over the years, and an unforgettable (or forgotten, depending on inebriation levels) trip to DangerSpoons afterwards. Fines were aplenty, each and every person present looked stunning, and we were lucky to have a photographer present to record the fun, beauty and shenanigans of the night. Taddies Dinner is one of the highlights of the year, and it was truly an honour to be able to bring everyone together especially given how quickly things went downhill only a week later. It was the perfect end to the year, and as a finalist the perfect goodbye to four years of CUSWPC, so a tear or two may have been shed. I have every confidence that this great tradition will find a way continue, and cannot wait to come back next year to see what new tales have arisen in the Club in my absence.

Lara Tritton
At a glitzy dinner at the end of the season CUSWPC managed to celebrate all the achievements of the club over the past year. With several alumni announcing themselves as undefeated Varsity champions for their whole CUSWPC career it really was a night to remember.

Taddies Dinner 2020 2

Taddies Dinner 2020

Taddies Dinner 2020 3

Swimmers beating those January Blues

Over Christmas, the Cambridge University Blues Swimming Team went on their annual training camp, returning this year to Costa Teguise, Lanzarote. Our squad of five women and six men completed fourteen 2-hour pool sessions in the hotels outdoor 50m pool, clocking up around 75km. This was as well as pre pool work prior to each session, and two sessions in the gym.

Our aim of the camp is to get a solid aerobic block of work done to have a high fitness level going into Lent term training, allowing us to get race fit for Varsity at the end of February. We had some really impressive sessions from all our team, and everyone pulled together to get through a tough week of training. Captains Lewis, Juliet and Anna were thrilled to see everyone giving their all throughout the week and maintaining high team spirit.

We’re now back in Parkside training harder than ever with our new-found fitness as the Varsity Match gets closer and closer!




CUSWPC Varsities

WATER POLO VARSITY – 16 February 2019, Parkside Pools:

13:15 – 14:15 Alumni Match
14:15 – 15:30 Women’s Seconds Match
15:30 – 16:45 Men’s Seconds Match
16:45 – 18:00 Women’s Firsts Match
18:00 – 19:15 Men’s Firsts Match


SWIMMING VARSITY – 3 March 2019, Parkside Pools:

12:00 – 13:45 Seconds Swimming Varsity
14:00 – 14:15 Alumni Warm Up
14:15 – 14:45 Alumni Swimming Relays
14:45 – 15:05 Blues Swimming Warm Up
15:15 – 15:40 Blues Swimming Parade
15:40 – 18:00 Blues Swimming Varsity


Training Camp 2016-2017

This year the Cambridge University Blues swim team again embarked on their annual training camp.  The team again visited the Sports Abroad training facility in Oasis Papagayo Resort, Feurtaventura for the third year running.


Over the course of the week, the team consisting of 10 men and 5 women completed 26 hours in the outdoor pool, covering 78km in the water, 6 hours of land training and hiked one volcano.


The purpose of the yearly training camp is to provide the members with one final large aerobic block of work, to allow the team to hone their fitness and provide a running start into the final weeks before their Varsity Match.  It is because of this desire to obtain a good deal of fitness that the team is forced to swim such large distances on camp. This lead to a number of challenge sets being swam throughout the week, in particular a gruelling set of 101 x 100m on the very last day of camp.



Speaking on the progress made over the week, swimming captains Dominic Holloway and Amy Felgate had the following to say. “ The training camp in Fuerteventura was once again a huge success. 15 swimmers headed out to the Canary Islands in the New Year and faced a 35 hour week of training (more if you count climbing the volcano). Despite the relentless pool and land work-outs the team morale was excellent throughout and everyone found the week exceptionally rewarding. Now back in Cambridge the squad has its eyes set firmly on the Varsity Match on February 25th and are training harder than ever with their new found fitness.”


Good luck to the team from everyone at Bluebird and we look forward to hearing their results.  The swimming Varisty Match takes place on Saturday the 25th of February.

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Newsletter 2015 -2016

Dear CUSWPC Alumni,

I would like to introduce myself as the President of CUSWPC this year.

Over the past couple of years, successive CUSWPC Presidents have focussed on strengthening ties between current members and our alumni. Last year, President Isobel Firth and Tadpoles’ President Lydia Woodward made fantastic progress in reviving our alumni mailing list and hosted a hugely successful Tadpoles’ Dinner. The next step is to keep you up-to-date with the club’s news.

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CUSWPC Elections 2016

This past year the CUSWPC committee did an excellent job, improving relations with the city swim team, organizing an incredible Tadpoles Dinner, Varsity Dinner, and endless other behind the scene tasks which have improved the standing of the club and made it a successful and enjoyable year. They have given so much of their time and energy to this club; it’s only fair we let them get on with doing other things in their lives. On behalf of the entire club, we’re giving them a huge heart-felt thank you, and wish them the best next year. Continue reading