CUSWPC President is Awarded an ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award at the Inaugural Cambridge Sports Awards

Our one and only, current President, Ben Tinkler-Davies was congratulated for his “Outstanding Contribution” to our Club and became one of the seven incredible winners. During his four years with us, he has been an outstanding player, Captain, Vice President and President; and, although we are incredibly proud, we will be sad to see him go as he graduates this year. However, we cannot wait for him and his fellow alumni to convincingly beat Oxford in the Alumni Water Polo Match next year. Ben is an amazing asset to our Club and is undoubtedly the best player the men’s side have ever been lucky enough to have grace their team sheets, and the next number 9 will certainly have the biggest shoes to fill. Tinkler-Davies represented Great Britain at several age group levels throughout his time at school; and, in his first year, he also played and trained with the GB team, alongside his studies, as well as playing in the World University Games in Taiwan. His kindness and generosity know no bounds and he has given up so many hours of his time captaining and coaching both teams on the men’s side, and he is an inspiration to us all. Selflessly thinking of the Club’s best long-term interests, he has made huge efforts to improve alumni relations and connections, ensuring that our motto of “Once a Tadpole, always a Tadpole” stands true.

The wonderful, former Men’s Water Polo Secretary, Henry Stuart-Turner was also nominated for an award this year – Unsung Hero. Henry has been an integral part of the water polo squad for three years now and is always putting the interests of others before his own. We are so fortunate that his medical degree means that he will be with us for a further three years. Not only has Henry organised all of the Men’s 1sts water polo matches this year, he has offered support and coaching to the Men’s 2nds, many of whom will hopefully progress into the 1sts team next year. Furthermore, when Stuart-Turner is not in the water playing himself, he regularly gives up his own time to table matches for our Men’s 2nds and Women’s teams. Henry has also organised our termly College League tournaments, which is a perfect opportunity for those not part of CUSWPC to try water polo and enjoy some friendly match play. Henry never asks for kudos and always goes above and beyond out of the kindness of his heart. He really is CUSWPC’s Unsung Hero!

Chantelle Doran
With the inaugural Cambridge University Sports Awards CUSWPC were one of the only clubs with multiple mentions. Henry Stuart-Turner and Ben Tinkler-Davies were put forward for the Unsung Hero and Outstanding Contribution to Sport respectively. It was a great honour for both members to be recognised for their great efforts in and out of the pool.

Ben Tinkler-Davies