Women’s Water Polo Varsity 2022 Report

February 26th 2022
Rosenblatt Pool, Oxford
Cambridge Women’s Firsts 4, Oxford Women’s Firsts 16
Cambridge Women’s Seconds 8, Oxford Women’s Seconds 6

February 26th saw the continuation of the most recent developments in the history of the Varsity match, that being the addition of a Woman’s Second team first established in 2019. Due to the disruption in 2021, most players from the Women’s side were playing their first varsity match.

Following in the footsteps of the Men’s Seconds victory, the Women’s Second’s team similarly put on a convincing show of water polo strength in a game characterised by efficiency and determination. With the help of several women from the swimming team, the Second’s victory can be attributed to the streamlined use of the wings and the numerous counter attacks as a result of clear communication and supplementary swimming power. This match proved to be a great opportunity for the development of the Second’s squad – led by Captain Libby Jervis – with the final score of 8-6 showing how hard work pays off.

The day concluded with the Women’s First match which arguably was a prime case of similar, if not nearly equal ability, but diverging levels of execution. Cambridge, winning three out of the four swim-offs convincingly utilised the fitness gained from the intense six-week team training programme, ensuring that Oxford were given a run for their money. The first half of the match was very much dominated by the opposition, with a half-time score of 7-0. However, the switch in sides seemed to mirror a switch in attitude within the team and after a time-out, Cambridge scored their first goal with five seconds to spare. This renewed sense of confidence was carried into the last quarter whereby the First team’s goalkeeper did an excellent job keeping Oxford’s shots at bay, whilst the rest of the team worked to reduce the goal difference. Despite the team’s persistence, Oxford’s accuracy on goal meant that the final result was 16-4, and a loss to Cambridge.

Anna Leeson
Women’s Water Polo Captain 2021-2022  

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